Make your UEFA European championship qualification bet in Sportbet and get the real winnings. This is for sure one of the main football events in the world, so you will find a wide betting line and impressive coefficients. On this page, you will learn more about the Tour 3 of this event, which will take place on 16 and 17 June, Betting line for these events is already available in Sportbet, so each football fan can easily find the best options and the best coefficients. The Sportbet is the first betting platform where bettors can make bets without depositing and verification.

The UEFA European Championship Qualification betting line – favorites and underdogs of the 3rd tour

The European Championship qualification betting always starts with prediction preparation. And that is so important for the 3rd Tour of the qualification this year because there are so many strong teams and each of them deserves to become a winner.

The first matches that are already available for the European championship qualification betting in Sportbet will be held on 16 June, and here are the most long-awaited of them:

  • Gibraltar vs France;
  • Malta – England;
  • Northern Macedonia – Ukraine;
  • Wales – Armenia;
  • Denmark to Northern Ireland;
  • San Marino to Kazakhstan;
  • Andorra – Switzerland!

That is not the list of all the teams that will play in the 3rd tour. And of the main favorites, there is England and Denmark. These two teams with an impressive history in European Bitcoin soccer betting have had a mixed start to the qualification campaign. Known for their rich footballing history and a roster of world-class talent, they are expected to mount a strong challenge. However, their recent inconsistency has raised doubts about their ability to secure a spot. The upcoming matches will be a true test of their pedigree and resilience.

Sportbet betting line and advantages: bet on UEFA European championship qualification

Before making the first bet and getting the max from the bitcoin football betting at Sportbet start with the signing up and log in after. You don’t need to verify the account here so you can make the first bets right after logging in. Traditional sports betting platforms often lack transparency, and users are forced to trust centralized organizations with their funds and the integrity of their games. Here is more about the payment options at this crypto sportsbook:

  • Tether;
  • EOS;
  • Litecoin;
  • Bitcoin;
  • WAX;
  • Ethereum!

You can select any of these options and make a UEFA European Championship qualification bet on Portugal which is the dark horse of this tour, surprising everyone with its impressive performance in the qualifying rounds. They consistently exceed expectations each match, showing a combination of creativity, teamwork, and sheer determination. And you can bet on it in pre-match or live by using any of these methods. Here is what you will need to do to start really enjoying Bitcoin soccer betting:

  • open a wallet account in selected crypto;
  • top up the new account;
  • make a bet!

When choosing Sportbet as the first decentralized sports-betting platform built on the EOS blockchain you will get several advantages to the platform. Firstly, it increases transparency by providing public access to all transactions and game results. Users can verify the fairness of each bet, ensuring that there is no manipulation or foul play. This transparency builds trust in the community and promotes a level playing field for all participants.

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