Here are our top 5 picks for which teams to keep an eye on.

The 2020 series felt like a blur as we were sitting at home watching our teams from the couches. The worldwide COVID pandemic affected everyone in some way.

But take no credit away from the LA Dodgers. They played well all season and ended up winning the world series against a flying Tampa team that had always been challenging to beat. The Dodgers were able to take the victory with their 3-1 score.

The 2021 league is only weeks away. Let’s take a look at some teams that have had excellent spring training and could have a chance of becoming the next champions!

5. Astros

The Houston Astros finished 2nd in the AL West last season. This wasn’t a bad result considering they had two key players, Justin Verlander and Tommy John, sidelined due to injury. It seemed to affect other talented players such as Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, and Carlos Correa, who showed some below-average results.

This year the Astros will be missing George Springer, who joins Toronto. It will be a big loss; however, the Astros need to focus on the other potential they have.

Correa and Altuve had below-average results in 2020 but, after watching them during the spring trials, it is clear they are going to have a BIG bounce-back season. Bregman is honestly looking at MVP stats this season, and he has been forecast to hit 31 home runs and a .909 OPS.

We are saving the best till last, and this player could be the X factor. Yordan Alvarez, the 2019 MVP, didn’t see much time on the pitch last season but, if he is 100% fit, Yordan will take the Astros all the way to the end. 

4. Milwaukee Brewers

A rollercoaster ride ended a bit flat last year. The Brewers made the playoffs last season with high hopes, but, unfortunately, it seemed the season had already ended before the playoffs had started.

We need to call out Christian Yelich, who, we believe, will be critical to the Brewers’ success – his cannons just didn’t fire during the playoffs. It seems Christian is set to prove himself again this season. His forecast from fan stats is 34 home runs, 19 stolen bases, and a .902 OPS that would make him a top-10 hitter.

It isn’t all about Christain Yelich hitting home runs, though. The pitching duo looks to become the best in the league: Brandon Woodruff and Corbin Burnes will be taking control of the pitch to then set up victory with home runs from the batters.

3. Red Sox

“You traded Mookie Betts?”

Everyone’s eyes opened up when the news came that the Red Sox traded one of the league’s best talents, Mookie Betts. The result was apparent: the Red Sox quickly fell to the AL East’s bottom with only 24 wins.

So the question is, can the Red Sox improve last year and look to finish in a top 3 position? The short answer is YES. The team has so much underrated talent that will be hungry to turn around the last season’s results. 

Alex Verdugo is one of the players that will shine for the Red Sox. He has a rocket arm, and runners should not risk running against him. Alex will only continue from where he left off last season, and Bobby Dalbec will have a 30-homer breakout this season. Franchy Cordero seems to have a bag full of tricks, plus Enrique Hernández and Marwin Gonzalez will steady the ship going forward.

The Red Sox will definitely be a team to watch out for this season.

2. Washington Nationals 

2017 Finished first in the NL East Division (97 wins)

2018 Finished second in the NL East Division (82 wins)

2019 Finished second in the NL East Division (93 wins) and WORLD SERIES WINNERS!

2020 Finished last with only 26 wins

Going from World Series winners one year to the bottom of the ladder the next is a massive motivation for the Nationals this year. This is why they make our list of teams to watch out for. 

2021 will NOT see the Nats at the bottom of the league again. Their form in the spring trials shows they are back to their previous shape and not far from looking like the World Series team in 2019.

Who will hit more home runs this season, Ronald Acuna Jr. or Juan Soto? Soto will be one of the hardest hitters this season, and not just for the Nats: he will be in the top three for most home runs hit in the league.

Is there a better trio on the mound than Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Patrick Corbin? Looking at the pitchers, plus having Juan Soto, we must admit they are looking like an almost unbeatable team.

Juan Soto Hitting a Homer.

1. White Sox

“Luis Roberts to be the face of the White Sox.”

For the last two years, the Twins have taken the helm in the AL Central, but if there were a year for the White Sox to take the top spot, it would be 2021.

The batting line up doesn’t rely on one player but has a great lineup of consistent potential:

Tim Anderson

Yasmani Grandal

Jose Abreu

Yoan Moncada

Eloy Jimenez

Luis Roberts

Andrew Vaughn

Adam Eaton

Nick Madrigal

The White Sox will definitely make a run for that top spot, and a playoffs run. 

A week ago, Luis Roberts took on Shohei Ohtani in the spring trial match and hit his first homer, sending the ball deep into the stands. Luis hit 11 home runs during his rookie year in 2020 but had a slump in form towards the end of the season. Luis is off to a great spring, batting .333 and slugging north of .570 in the immediate wake of his recent home run on Saturday.

Lucas Giolito, Dallas Keuchel, Lance Lynn, Dylan Cease, Carols Rodon will be the starting five pitchers, and, like the batting lineup, there is quality across the board.

Extremely bullish on the White Sox this season; expect big things!

This was our insight into the top five teams that we believe will have the opportunity of getting to the World Series. The obvious favorites are the LA Dodgers and the New York Yankees. However, there would be no surprise if one of the teams above were to become the World Series Champions for the 2020/21 season.

Let us know what you think, and leave a comment below. 👇

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