has made one more massive step towards complete decentralization. Due to the implementation of pTokens cross-chain swap technology, the players can place bets not only in EOS or EOS tokens but also in other cryptocurrencies.

The pTokens is a unique technology that helps overcome the limitations of blockchain. It solves the issues of liquidity and interoperability, making it possible to connect any token with any blockchain. At the moment, there are pTokens of all the most popular coins – pBTC, pLTC, etc., and they are pegged 1:1 to the main crypto coin: 1pBTC is equal to 1BTC. Eventually, all the tokens will have a pToken representation.

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❗️Note that BTC deposit addresses will change. 

Old deposit addresses will still be valid until June 10. After June 10, all the deposits that remain on the old addresses will be lost We recommend using the valid BTC address from the wallet UI.

Due to pTokens technology, our players can easily bet in BTC/LTC; these cryptocurrencies will be ported from their blockchains to EOS and stored in the player’s wallet. The list of supported cryptocurrencies will be expanding.

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