☝️To provide our players with maximum decentralization, we use ptokens.io bridges for BTC, LTC, and ETH deposits and withdrawals.

Unfortunately, there was a vulnerability in one of the bridges in the ptokens.io system, and a hacker exploited it.

After the exploit, ptokens.io paused all the bridges and switched them to manual confirmation mode. This has lead to a higher processing time.

❗️A few minutes ago, we had a call with Thomas Bertani, the CEO of ptokens.io. He assured us that:

  • all stuck deposits will be processed before12 PM UTC today
  • the processing of deposits will be switched to automatic mode again before 12 PM UTC today

πŸ™Œ A number of our players suffered from those delays.
🎁 We apologize for that and offer Risk-Free bets to all the players who reported delays in processing their deposits/withdrawals.
πŸ‘‰Risk-Free bets will be credited within the next 12 hours.

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