Power of Gods


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Trying out the Power Of Gods slot bitcoin game

Slot machines can adopt practically any topic that players want. To play Power Of Gods slot for real money is something that will entertain punters from all places around the world. But, before discussing the game in more depth, it is a good idea to speak a bit about the Sportsbet platform. For those who might not know, Sportsbet appeared as a website with the mission to provide people with games where they could bet Bitcoin.

But, even if terms like blockchain or crypto sound foreign to some punters, there is nothing to fear about them. In fact, Sportsbet has done everything in its power to make this portal as accessible as possible. One of the things that many times can prevent people from trying cryptocurrencies is the fact that they don’t know how to purchase it. Well, now this will not happen anymore, because people who sign up at Sportsbet will see that it will be extremely easy to buy crypto for fiat currencies and vice versa.

Going back to the Power Of Gods slot machine, there are many things to highlight about it. First, as its name can probably imply, its main topic is about gods, Greek gods specifically. These gods will help the player in many ways to obtain some interesting prizes and rewards by using all the possibilities that this game at the Sportsbet site can offer.

The great features on the Power Of Gods slot machine crypto game

As it was already mentioned before, the theme of this game is centered around Greek gods. In general, those who decide to play Power Of Gods slot online will encounter a wide variety of symbols, including examples like:

  • card symbols;
  • thunderbolts;
  • letters;
  • roses;
  • and of course, Greek gods like Aphrodite and Zeus!

There are many combinations of symbols that people can obtain in order to take maximum advantage of what the online game has to offer. For example, a great idea is to obtain 6 thunderbolts in the reels. When this happens, players will obtain 5 free spins. But that’s not all, because in each of those reels there will be a wild symbol.

Another option is to get 6 rose symbols. In this case, the beautiful Aphrodite will give the player cascading reels. Each one of them will contain a 7x multiplier. If those features are not enough for convincing people to play Power Of Gods slot online for free or for real money, it should also be mentioned that the game is totally compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. Furthermore, it has a 96.2% RTP, which means that players will have a decent chance of winning.