Affiliate Program

By joining Affiliate Program, you'll be getting up to 35% of the profit from every customer you engage. Min. affiliate commission to be paid - 100 USD.

Monthly Net Profit Sportsbook Profit Share Casino Profit Share
>10000 USD 35% 30%
>3000 USD 30% 25%
<3000 USD 25% 20%

You will get regular reports about all your players’ bets and corresponding profit share for the past month. You’ll receive them up to the 10th of the following month. Also, we will provide you with access to the affiliate backoffice, where you can track the results of all your campaigns.

It is prohibited to provide any cashback to your players. If we get any evidence of such behavior, we will immediately stop our cooperation. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

To join Affiliate Program, fill in our Application Form.


How do I earn money through your affiliate program?
Whenever a player registers via your referral link and wagers money on our website, you will earn a percentage of that player’s revenue.
How can I keep track of my performance?
You can generate reports in the affiliate backoffice by logging with your EOS account name and password.
If a player wins a large amount, does the negative balance carry over to the next month?
When your player wins at our sportsbook or casino, your commission might be affected since we deduct those winnings from the earnings. When the player continues playing, your commission will continue to grow.
How do I get paid for being an affiliate?
You will receive an affiliate commission in any cryptocurrency you prefer. You can discuss any other options with our manager.
How often am I paid?
Your affiliate commission is paid at the beginning of the new month, from 1st through 10th. Note that we will automatically choose the payment method and currency you stated at the beginning of our cooperation. If you want to change the payment method or currency, please, notify our manager beforehand.
How can I check the honesty of your calculations?
Once your referred players make their first bet (interact with EOS blockchain), you will be able to see your referral code attached to their EOS account in the accountinfos table in the sportbet1bet smart contract.