What is SportBet?
SportBet is the first decentralized sports-betting platform built on the EOS blockchain. Unlike traditional online sportsbooks, our platform doesn't require identity verification and deposits. SportBet ensures anonymous, transparent betting and direct payouts to the user's EOS account. You need to own EOS cryptocurrency and account to be able to bet on SportBet.
What is EOS and how to obtain it?
EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS. You can buy EOS via Coinbase, Bitpanda, Kraken and Binance exchanges. After that, you need to send EOS to your account.
How to create EOS account?
Here is the video tutorial on how to create a new EOS account on your mobile device or on desktop.
Can the EOS transaction be reversed?
Neither SportBet nor you can reverse the transaction. Only blockchain itself can reverse the transaction: this can happen due to latency conditions because of the hops between the two nodes. The transaction, while once in a block, cannot be seen as irreversible until it has been passed by Last Irreversible Block. You must wait for a block height to be lower than the current LIB to be considered irreversible.
How to bet on SportBet?
Here is the video review of SportBet platform with a detailed explanation on how to place your bet.
My bet has won or needs to be refunded. When will I get the payout?
Payouts are processed within 12h after the end of the event. If the event was canceled, abandoned or postponed, payout processing time could be increased.
Why I can't find the event I want to bet on?
Odds for the less popular markets can be posted 1-2 hours before the start of the event. We advise you to check it again closer to the event.
Can I cancel my bet?
No, sportsbooks don't allow to cancel the already placed bets.
Is it possible to bet on esports in crypto?
Yes. eSports betting and crypto have a connection that links them in the virtual scene. Betting on eSports has gained traction in gamblers wagering in traditional and eSports. The main reasons include the currency's encryption, transparency, and convenience.

So, esports betting with bitcoin platform includes cryptocurrency as one of the payment options these days. Customers can deposit and withdraw money in the form of crypto.
The difference between crypto and traditional eSports betting?
Though both sports have a similar structure, most traditional eSports do not have a matching system. Instead, they get determined by one game. In contrast, most lol bitcoin betting eSports events get decided by match, permitting more intricate wagering. eSports additionally has many factors than traditional sports. For example, while customers can wager on handicaps such as who will score first, there is additional room for wagering on killstreaks and other small things in eSports.

Another difference is that eSports have a higher luck factor than traditional games.
How to make deposits with Bitcoin?
Depositing using cryptocurrency is straightforward:

Customers need to read the BTC esports betting instructions. They will often have to open an account, select the currency, and send funds from their cryptocurrency wallet.

The steps followed when depositing with Bitcoin:

- open a BTC wallet account;
- fund the new account;
- use the account to transfer funds to the esports crypto betting website!
People can also use an address or a QR code if the betting company has one.