1. In case of fraud suspicion (multi-accounting, use of automated betting software, arbitrage betting, abuse of bonus programs, etc.), the betting company reserves the right to suspend transactions and/or payouts for the gaming account for the entire time of betting activity verification.
  2. The betting company reserves the right to revoke the concluded betting agreement (including the bets placed before and after the beginning of the event), refuse to fulfill its obligations under this agreement (including paying out the winnings), or refuse to return any placed bets, if:

    - bets are made by a group of clients acting in a coalition to bypass the restrictions established by the betting company;

    - the client is suspected of using any software that automates the process of setting bets;

    - the client uses the game account to play in arbitration situations;

    - the client abuses the loyalty programs.

  3. If there is any reason to assume that the client placed the bet after the outcome of the event became known or after the selected player/team gained a significant advantage (e.g., the advantage in the score, sending off or substitution of a player, etc.), the betting company reserves the right to cancel these bets (make a refund) - both winning and losing ones.
  4. In case of human mistake or software failure (obvious misprints in odds, odds mismatch between a line and a bet, etc.), and other cases of incorrect bets, the company reserves the right to unilaterally declare the bets void. Bet payout is made with the odds equal to "1" (a refund).
Last updated: October 20th 2021