Litecoin Sports Betting on SportBet.One

One of the first and most important steps for every bettor is finding a trustworthy and reliable betting platform. The best sportsbook must guarantee its customers safety, comfortable environment and wide choice of options to bet on. Here at SportBet.One we are happy to offer you all of that. We have a great casino games and sports events selection, generous bonus and promotional programs, and also a variety of payment methods, including cryptocurrency. As a matter of fact, SportBet.One is one of the gaming platforms that accepts Litecoin for depositing and withdrawing funds. So let us tell you a bit about what Litecoin is and afterwards you can register with us to dive into an incredible betting experience with LTC cryptocurrency.

What Is Litecoin Sports Betting?

Litecoin (LTC) is currently in the top ten of the most famous cryptocurrencies out of them all. Based on the Bitcoin Core protocol, it launched in 2011, created by a Google employee Charlie Lee. And although LTC still has some of the main bitcoin features, it has an improved processing speed. With its safety and reliability, lower fees, and faster transactions, Litecoin quickly found a way into online gambling as well. It is true that not many casinos support sports betting Litecoin yet, but SportBet is one of those who does. Our decentralized gaming website allows you to use this crypto as one of the payment methods available for depositing or withdrawing your winnings to any wallet or crypto exchange.

There is a number of reasons why our clients choose sports betting Litecoin, and here are the main of them:

  • Instant transactions. LTC transactions are by far the fastest among cryptocurrencies, we're not even talking about fiat money. You don't have to wait for the bank clearance, provide any additional documents to verify the transfers, which is usually a terrible headache for players around the world;
  • Safety and reliability. No personal information, no third-party involvement, no banking data – yourself and your transactions are completely safe and under the radar with Litecoin sports betting on SportBet;
  • High limits on deposits and withdrawals. Different financial rules have always been a great obstacle for players that use traditional payment methods. When crypto came in, it all changed. is licensed by the Curacao Gambling Authority, which means we are not as subjected to financial regulations as the others. Therefore, we have no restrictions regarding cryptocurrencies, particularly Litecoin, and that leads to higher deposit/withdrawal limits and faster payouts;
  • Financial benefit for bettors. In addition to the fastest transactions, Litecoin also has the lowest fees. If you are making high stakes, the difference becomes extremely clear, so betting with LTC actually saves you a lot of money.

In addition to those, Litecoin is also very nimble and is constantly adapting to the changes of decentralized trading. Of course, as every cryptocurrency, LTC is also subjected to market swings, but with that impressive list of advantages this small drawback doesn't seem that important. Maybe it is time to finally find out how you can bet with LTC at SportBet?

How Does Betting with Litecoin Work?

So, as we already know, LTC sports betting is a lot easier and faster compared to traditional fiat currencies. It also becomes useful for the players from the countries where gambling is restricted because making a bet with Litecoin guarantees you privacy and security. You won't have to provide any personal information or worry about third-party involvement because LTC wagering is pseudonymous. We mentioned that in order to start with Litecoin gambling, you'll first have to find a good sportsbook – so it's a great thing you're already here. The next step would be to make a deposit to your account, and then let the action begin!

How to place bets at using Litecoin?

If you want to place a LTC bet at, you need to have the token itself. Litecoin is very popular, so it should not be an issue where to find and purchase it. Look for trading platforms and crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, Gemini. There you can exchange other crypto (BTC, USDT, ETH) or fiat money (USD, EUR) to buy Litecoin and keep it in your personal crypto wallet until you start betting.

If you have enough tokens, it is time to make a deposit to your account. When you're creating the account, you will choose your preferred currency – check Litecoin. After that, the page will open from where you can deposit the funds for the first time. If you don't want to do this right away, that's okay – here at SportBet we cherish your needs and wishes and don't force you to do anything. You can press on the wallet icon at the top of the page at any time and choose the method you want to use for making a deposit. Once the funds land on your account – which is instant with LTC – you are ready to start waging.

In order to place a bet, make sure you follow these simple instructions:

  • Choose a sport. SportBet has a large list of sports you can wager on: soccer, tennis, esports, box, hockey – you name it. The matches are divided into sections by country and tournaments. Our website has great navigation, so you'll easily find the sports betting section and different offers it has.
  • Decide the bet type. Are you a singles or a parlay fan? Totals, handicaps, win, lose, draw – whatever the answer is, we welcome everyone at SportBet. You'll have to look really hard to find a Litecoin sportsbook with a more extensive betting line. Don't doubt it – the odds will be in your favor with us.
  • Place your bet. One of the reasons our players keep coming back is our high payout limits. You can wager as big as you want and receive a win without any cuts in the middle. Here at SportBet we care about the trust and have no scam policy.

Don't be afraid to look around: get familiar with the interface, check the numbers and then try making a bet yourself. Keep track of our bonus offers as some of them can make your gambling experience easier and more interesting. Wagers are instantaneous, with all winnings and bonuses credited to your account right after the event is finished. For any questions that may rise you can contact our support center. If you want to see all the pending or completed bets, go to the Betting history section in your personal cabinet – it's all there, plain and clear. The red dot near the match title indicates that it is live.

The last step, which is also the most pleasant one, is to withdraw your winnings. You can take your money out right after the win or keep it in for some time, the choice is entirely yours. The withdrawal can take up to…nothing, because it is instant as well as the deposits, so enjoy!

The ultimate experience in Litecoin sports betting

SportBet is the first new generation EOS blockchain-based platform. We offer our customers the best decentralized gaming experience with total anonymity and lots of special offers. If you're into sports and crypto betting – this is a place to go. Particularly as a Litecoin sportsbook, we have everything you might need to start betting with LTC: general information, which helps with introducing Litecoin to beginners, instant transactions, highest limits, strict policy regarding responsible gambling and 24/7 customer support. Don't wait any longer and join SportBet to have fun while winning some money!

Live betting action

In-play betting is another perk we have. SportBet presents its clients with a wide range of live markets on soccer, basketball, tennis, esports and more. Sports fans can watch the game and decide what to wager on in the process, while moving funds here and there with the speed of lightning thanks to Litecoin – all that is a reality on our website.

Unbeatable odds

We are also quite proud of the offers we can put on the table - best odds with lowest margins are available for betting with litecoin. Choose any competition you like – the NBA, NFL, UCL etc., and see those numbers for yourself, you certainly won't regret it.

Create an account in minutes!

In order to get access to all the resources of, you will need to create an account with us. Don't worry, the whole process will take no more than a few minutes. You can sign up by using an existing account on social networks, with a crypto wallet (Anchor, Scatter, Wombat, or TockenPocket) or indicate an email and secure password – that's it, you are ready to roll!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Bet with Litecoin?

Like most of the cryptocurrencies, Litecoin is a great payment method with instant transactions and lowest fees, which provides complete safety for the player.

Will I Get Betting Bonuses for Depositing with LTC?

Absolutely, you will get the access to the sports betting bonuses, depositing your account with LTC. However, read carefully the bonus Terms and Conditions to check whether the payment method itself qualifies for bonuses.