Ethereum Sports Betting with SportBet.One

More and more people every day are choosing cryptocurrencies as a payment method in various aspects of their lives. Online gambling isn't an exception – in order to keep up with the progress many sportsbooks adopted crypto into their activities. SportBet also accepts altcoin as a payment currency. Particularly popular is Ethereum – the second most known cryptocurrency, but we strongly believe it would not take long until it becomes first (sorry, Bitcoin). So it is time to discover the best Ethereum betting with SportBet.One – let's go!

How Does Betting with Ethereum Work?

In general terms, crypto sports betting with Ethereum works the same way as with other payment methods: you can fund your account, place bets on various sport events and withdraw the winnings. The slight difference is with the depositing part, because after choosing the transaction amount the transfer request goes to the player's account directly from the sportsbook. You can make a transaction after that and the amount gets credited in US dollars, or convert it to other currencies if you want to.

How to get started with Ethereum sports betting online?

If you are a newbie to Ethereum sports betting, this short guide will cover all the milestones you need to know about before getting into action. Stick to them at first, but we know for sure you'll be a pro just in a moment. So here's what you need to do:

  1. Get Ethereum. To wager with Ethereum you need to own some for starters. It is a very popular cryptocurrency, so there should be no problem with that. You can find an Ethereum exchange: they work similar to the ordinary banks and you'll be able to buy currency there. Ethereum is also available on a number of trading platforms, where you can change and bet it.
  2. Choose an online sportsbook that accepts Ethereum. A huge part of your success as a gambler is a right sports betting site. We have two pieces of news for you here, and the first one is that, unfortunately, there aren't that many providers that allow you to bet Ethereum. The second one is that you can ignore the first, because you've already found the best place to go, and it's SportBet. We are one of the best Ethereum sports betting sites thanks to our user-friendly interface, high-quality customer support, wide choice of sport events to wager on and excellent bonus programs. Don't doubt it – we offer all that to you anytime, so finish reading and join us in this amazing adventure of Ethereum betting.
  3. Make a deposit. After you got yourself a nice provider and created a betting account, you need to choose Ethereum as your preferred currency. The next step is your first deposit. You'll need to enter the deposit amount, the sportsbook will send an ETH address to your crypto account, you'll make a transaction and then we can finally start placing wagers.
  4. Place your bets. At first the variety of options might confuse you, but that's okay. Start with something you know and like, check the game schedule and the odds available. Our website has an easy navigation where everything is divided into categories, so you won't be lost. Pay attention to the digits – double-check all the information before confirming your choice. Turn to the support service if you have questions, they are always ready to help. So browse the website, go through the betting rules, pick the market and make your first bet.
  5. Withdraw the winnings. After you figured out how the betting works and made some profit, it's time to make it real and turn the words into actual money. You can withdraw your balance after you've won or let it stay in your account for a little longer, that's up to you. You won't have to provide any additional information to make a withdrawal, just hit the button any time you feel ready for it.

Key Features of Ethereum Betting on SportBet.One

There are a number of features that distinguish Ethereum from fiat money and make it very appealing in terms of gambling. So why do bettors continue to choose this particular method?

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

As we know, Ethereum is a decentralized digital currency, which means that there are no third-party intruders between the sportsbook and its customers. No more waiting until the transaction comes through, no more questions and investigations from financial institutions – with Ethereum betting all you do is actually bet. Well, and enjoy yourself – awesome, isn't it?

Lower Fees

Inexperienced gamblers might think that with Ethereum you'll have to pay for the instant transactions with higher fees. But this isn't the case here as well, because the fees are actually a lot lower than with standard payment methods. These small commissions are called "mining fees", they slightly vary among cryptos, but still remain the lowest in the industry. By the way, Ethereum fees are even smaller than Bitcoin. So don't wait to check out our Eth betting offers at SportBet and save yourself quite a bit of money on transaction fees.

Anonymous Transactions Secure Your Financial Data

Constantly going over your financial records, dealing with betting regulations, worrying about the questions this activity might raise – sounds familiar? Ethereum is a medicine that will save you from all that headache. The only record your transactions will leave is about the movement of ETH between wallets and that is it. As a trusted provider with great reputation, SportBet can guarantee you only the best resources when it comes to anonymity in financing. Go ahead and see for yourself!

Guaranteed transaction safety

All Ethereum transactions are happening on the blockchain and leave no ownership trace whatsoever, which makes it a highly secure payment method. It is true that some betting sites still occasionally have security issues, but we definitely don't. SportBet has a great backend setup that ensures your information is safe. Feel free to go over our manuals and instructions and confirm that we do everything to make your betting experience one of a kind.

Better Welcome Bonuses & Deposit Boosts

One of the reasons why people love to have crypto as their payment method is increased minimum amount of deposits and payouts. As a result of that, bonus offers for Ethereum gamblers are also quite generous. At out official website SportBet.One you'll find an abundance of games to play, sports to bet and some special bonuses as well. You can find out more while reading our Bonus Terms and Conditions and checking the latest news for updates.

Betting with Ethereum Pros & Cons

Of course, every currency has its advantages and disadvantages. We covered some of them already, but it's always good to summarize a bit and give the players a full picture. SportBet.One values every single one of its customers, so we don't hide or omit anything that might be important while gambling – all the information is right here. So let's finally find out – is Ethereum a good choice for betting or not?

Betting with Ethereum Advantages

As well as most cryptocurrencies, Ethereum offers anonymity and for most players this is its main advantage. It allows betting without having to share your personal information or constantly provide some proof of identity to get an approval from the chosen provider. Here at SportBet your whole betting experience can be absolutely discrete starting with the account creation and ending with withdrawing your winnings. Your transactions data and money are completely safe with Ethereum and its modern encryption system. Another great thing about this altcoin is the transaction speed – instant, can you believe it? Whenever you need to quickly deposit your account or get some money out, it takes only a few seconds and no questions asked. And last but not least is that Ethereum sports betting is available almost everywhere. Even if you live in a country that doesn’t support online gambling or cryptocurrencies, all you need is VPN and you're good.

Betting with Ethereum Disadvantages

Some people consider the fact that Ethereum isn't that popular among sportsbooks a disadvantage. Let's just say that you're in luck here – SportBet is definitely the right place to get some Ethereum betting done. However, something that isn't up to us is the volatility of Ethereum and this one is actually a disadvantage. With jumps and drops in price your balance can change a lot just overnight, and you should consider that. But compared to other currencies, Ethereum is more or less stable, so it's not that bad and we still consider Ethereum a good choice for gambling.

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Are Ethereum sports betting websites safe and legal?

Yes, is a licensed gambling provider, so all betting, including Ethereum, is completely safe and in accordance with law.

What types of sports and markets are supported?

You can bet on all popular betting markets and sports with SportBet, starting with the classic ones like soccer and ending with esports and live betting options.

Can I claim bonuses when betting Ethereum?

Our website has a number of bonus offers for different activities without any complicated wagering requirements. Read our Bonus Terms and Conditions carefully and check the updates for new offers.