Sports betting on soccer with bitcoin

It’s soccer time!

So, you’ve just finished looking into H2H stats and are ready to place your wager. Go ahead and do that before the game kicks off. No matter the competition, the best odds await you on SportBet, a decentralized EOS and Bitcoin betting sportsbook.

Now you can bet on the UCL and other fixtures with your cryptos.

Bitcoin betting on soccer has never been easier

You’re only five steps away from placing your bet on the game:

  1. Make sure you have an EOS account (if you don’t, it’s never too late to do the right thing).
  2. Sign in to SportBet. Use your crypto wallet or go an alternative way with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account.
  3. Select the upcoming fixture that has whipped up your interest.
  4. Pick your betting market, be it a correct score or a clean sheet.
  5. Enter how many coins you want to bet and hit the “Place Bet” button.

That’s it. SportBet makes Bitcoin betting on soccer just as straightforward as it is with a traditional bookie. The difference is that you don’t need to verify your identity or prove where your crypto coins are coming from. Welcome to the blockchain world!

From Europe’s top-5 leagues to less popular tournaments

SportBet covers everything a true soccer fan needs. Are you rooting for your favorite team in the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, or Ligue 1? You’re not alone. SportBet is replete with betting lines for these leagues so that enthusiasts like you can place their soccer bets online.

Have you fallen in love with some league outside the “Big Five”? We cover non-mainstream competitions around the globe, too. Put it in the search bar above or scroll through the featured tournaments to find it. If your sought-after fixture is not there, please check back a few hours before the kick-off time.

Once you’ve found your game, you can get started with your soccer betting with Bitcoin or EOS. Here you can choose from:

  • Single bets. There’s nothing new about single bets (even with cryptos). All you have to do to place one is to select one event and one betting market.
  • Parlay bets. These are a series of wagers on multiple events. To place a parlay, choose the betting market for the first one and click “Parlay” next to the “Place Bet” button to add other bets. Remember, you win when all straight wagers win.

You can monitor how things are going with your single and parlay bets in your SportBet account history. They’re all under one roof.

Crypto bets on soccer payouts

No more waiting for your payouts. Unlike centralized soccer betting sites, SportBet doesn’t dig into your winnings to seize a sizable portion of them in fees. If your wager wins, it’s paid out to your EOS account in a flash. The process is ensured by smart contracts that cover every bet you place on SportBet.

The odds? They are never set to favor our bottom line. SportBet combines soccer betting and Bitcoin’s transparency in a peer-to-peer wagering process. That means no regulator keeps the upper hand.

Happy betting!

Frequently Asked Questions

❓Is it safe to place soccer bets with cryptocurrency?

Yes. Betting using cryptocurrency is not different from betting using fiat money. The crypto soccer betting casino will even convert the value of the cryptocurrency into fiat. When players bet, they place in the present fiat value. They will use crypto for making deposits and withdrawals. So, they have to be cautious and double-check the address they use to send and receive funds.

❓ Why do gamblers like bitcoin sports betting?

Betting using Bitcoin has the following benefits:


Gambling is legal, but some people still see it as immoral or associate it with an unsavory character. Bitcoin’s pseudonymity allows people to gamble without worrying about anyone judging them.


Provided customers keep their coins away from wallets, protect the keys with strong passwords, and keep most coins in cold storage, BTC is very secure.

Fast payment

The best bitcoin gambling transactions get confirmed within minutes.

❓ What bonuses does sportbet offer?

The bitcoin soccer betting platform has an attractive fifty dollars risk-free bet for new members. There are no complicated wagering requirements. As long as a person has registered, connected a wallet, and made a deposit, they are eligible for the offer.

The website also offers long-term rewards. There is a Leader board that users climb to unlock progressively better rewards.

There is additionally a chance to claim dividends by staking the SBET token. The soccer gambling site also has ongoing and recurrent rewards on tournaments and sports contests.

🌐 Type of sport Soccer
🎁 Bonus First deposit bonus 125% up to 1000$
⭐ Events Live and Pre-Match bets
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