Sic Bo


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Crypto slot game Sic Bo: play for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

Sic Bo is a dice game that comes from the Chinese tradition but that over time, as a result of several waves of migration, has spread to many casinos around the world. Sic Bo is the traditional name which translated stands for "Pair of Dice" even though three dice are used. The game is also often referred to as Tai Sai (lucky dice) or Dai Siu (literally Big Small). The main characteristics of the slot Sic Bo developed by OneTouch software provider are:

  • Software - One Touch
  • Min. Wager per round - 0.5 Max.
  • Wager per round - 5000
  • Highest Payout - 150:1
  • Free Spins - No
  • RTP - 97.22%
  • Variance - low

Sic Bo game is a fast-paced, no-fuss entertainment and its mechanics are similar to that of a roulette wheel, so it's no coincidence that many roulette players also enjoy this dice game of oriental origin.

Stakes: Sic Bo offers scope

Different bets have different odds. Above all, the odds of each outcome are among the most important concepts to memorize. Since these determine the size of each payout, it is recommended that United States players use this information before each round. Otherwise, you will hardly know how much to expect if you happen to make a good call. The coin values for playing for real money vary from 0.50 to 5000.

You can win up to 150 times your stake if you bet on a specific triple and it obviously comes up. You can also decide to bet on all the triples, without specifying a particular one, and in case of a win you get a prize equal to 24 times your bet. Your payout chances will vary depending on the odds of the bet in question.

Graphics quality and mechanics Sic Bo slot

The Sic Bo online play visual effect is awesome and engaging from the point of view of the game atmosphere, as well as being made with the kind of cleanliness of detail that One Touch is particularly good at. The animation and sounds help in making such a gaming experience pleasant. The animated sounds of each symbol and the win and spin actions contribute to the liveness of this slot game.

On the screen you see a standard Sic Bo bitcoin table with 50 places to put your chips on the felt. On each betting area it is written the winning value: for example, on the slot of dices with 3 and 6 you will see 5:1 winning multiplier. So, understanding the bets and betting zones ahead of time is very helpful.

Advantages of Sic Bo with Bitcoin

Playing with crypto slots USA is exactly like betting with fiat money. Betting on crypto casino games is exactly like placing your bets in the traditional casinos. The only difference is the type of currency you are going to use and the exclusive offer that the casino you choose may have in store for you. On the crypto slot game Sic Bo the players from the USA can bet with:

  • ETH;
  • LTC;
  • BTC!

By playing Sic Bo Bitcoin, you can be sure that no third party will have access to your personal and financial information. And because transactions using BTC coin slot cryptocurrency only require the keys to your Bitcoin wallet, you don't need to provide your personal details.

Sic Bo - Special gameplay features

There are several ways to play and place your bets on the Sic-Bo Ethereum slot, below are the types of bets and how much you can win for each of them. Remember that you have no limit on the number of bets you can make:

  • Small: wins on total of 4-10, any triple looses;
  • Big: wins on total of 11-17, any triple looses;
  • total of 4 or 17;
  • total of 5 or 16;
  • total of 6 or 15;
  • total of 7 or 14;
  • total of 8 or 13;
  • total of 9 or 12;
  • total of 10 or 11;
  • double bet on any specific pair;
  • triple: bet on any specific triple;
  • any triple: wins on any three of a kind;
  • any one number;
  • domino: choose a two-number combination!

The path to profitability on this Litecoin slot is to stick to the most favorable bets in a game. This means avoiding certain bets that have high payouts but rarely hit. To reduce the house edge in Sic Bo slot machine to just under 3%, the only thing you need to remember is Small and Big. These basic Sic Bo bets offer the lowest house edge in the game.

By learning about the rules of wagering each Bitcoin slot table area, you will be equipped with vital information as you contemplate the future of the game. Compared to other games, you'll have more to analize before the start of each round. Since there are three dice, it may seem like it was much more complicated than other casino games. However, you can develop your experience playing Sic Bo slot online for free, to appreciate the added complexity.