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Playing and winning with the Cinderella slot bitcoin

Slot machines come in all forms and shapes. Also in many themes. Probably that’s one of the main reasons why these forms of entertainment have been so popular during recent times.

For those who might not know, Sportsbet can be considered to be a pioneer in cryptocurrency betting. This platform has taken full advantage of what the blockchain based currency can offer right now. Even people who have never used this kind of currency before will find this platform extremely simple to use. Not only that, because it also offers a wide range of games and forms of entertainment that people can enjoy from desktop computers, as well as from Android and iOS mobile gadgets.

Obviously, the Cinderella slot machine game is one of the many forms of entertainment that can be encountered and enjoyed from the Sportsbet platform.

The slot machine Cinderella crypto game offers many ways of winning

At first glance, the Cinderella slot bitcoin game might look quite simple. This is because it features 5 reels and 3 rows. And this is mostly true. There are not too many features to boast about. However, this shouldn’t be seen as a downside. Quite the contrary, the slot machine Cinderella crypto game is something that everybody can find very pleasant to play, since it does not overload the player with flashy graphics and annoying lights.

In order to understand the different aspects of the online game and how to win with it, let’s examine what it has to offer in terms of possibilities:

  • first, it offers 5 reels and 3 rows, which are arranged in a way to offer 20 paylines in general;
  • while it doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot, it still compensates it with abundant bonus rounds;
  • the highest payout that the game can give is 888x;
  • it has an RTP of 95,35%;
  • the game is also completely mobile friendly!

Playing the Cinderella slot online for free can also be an appealing option. Those who decide to play Cinderella slot online for free will be able to fully explore what the game will have to offer. It can be something very useful to experience before deciding to play Cinderella slot for real money.

Every individual who has tried this game out has been quite satisfied with its great graphics, great atmosphere and great overall gameplay. The Cinderella slot game is only one of the hundreds of examples that can be found at the Sportsbet website. People will be delighted with all the possibilities that this site can provide to all of those who decide to give it a try.