EOS and Bitcoin eSports Betting on LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, and More

Are you crazy about eSports as much as you are about crypto? So are we. Driven by this surge of excitement, we’ve set up sportbet.one as a pioneering Bitcoin eSports betting platform. This is where you can place wagers on your favorite e-competitions with EOS, Tether, and BTC, among other crypto coins.

Whether you’re a fan of Counter-Strike or StarCraft II, look no further than sportbet.one to bet on the team you root for. Here you can go for a plethora of markets, including moneyline and game-specific bets. International tournaments and regional leagues are all covered, so go ahead!

Live Bitcoin eSports betting is also here

If you don’t feel like making pre-match decisions, bide your time. Live Bitcoin eSports betting is a way to place a wager after the skirmish has already broken out. The odds are updated as the in-play turning points occur, and you can select your betting market whenever you want.

To dip your toes into live eSports betting on sportbet.one, be sure to:

  • Log into your sportbet.one account.
  • Hit the Live bet section.
  • Select the in-play eSports event you’re looking to bet on.
  • Watch it directly on sportbet.one to keep an eye on the twists and turns of that event.
  • Bet on any outcome once you’re ready.

Remember to look at the odds because they change while the match is unfolding. Also, some in-play markets may be no longer available as the teams make their way into the closing stages.

You’re better off thinking through your betting strategy carefully. Why? Because you can’t get your successfully placed wagers back if you change your mind. Your betting decisions on sportbet.one, as well as other bookmakers, are final.

It’s all about deposit-free blockchain eSports betting

If you’re about to bet on, say, Astralis or Natus Vincere, why would you want to reveal your identity and deposit fiat money? Even though this seems absurd, that’s how it works with every centralized eSports bookmaker out there.

Sportbet.one has nothing to do with overly controlled platforms. As a blockchain eSports betting site, we do not report registrations, payouts, and cryptocurrency transfers to some central authority. It’s a peer-to-peer community where every BTC or EOS owner can bet their crypto on eSports teams.

With sportbet.one, placing a bet on eSports with Bitcoin or other crypto isn’t associated with the red tape hassle. We never require multi-step identity verification that may involve your:

  1. Credit card details
  2. Driver’s license or passport
  3. SSN
  4. Proof-of-address documents

While BTC assets may be a red flag for centralized bookies, sportbet.one shifts transparent practices into eSports crypto betting. Here, you’re not required to prove the source of your coins or report your winnings. And it doesn’t matter where you currently are, as no local regulations can interfere with your betting on sportbet.one.

The vig that every eSports bettor will appreciate

What can be more distressing than the bookmakers that want you to upload your documents? The bookies that set the super-high vigorish.

Don’t let centralized betting sites stun you with their fees. Our vig only covers the basic running costs of this blockchain platform, not third-party operators. That’s why you’ll never have to put up with the unthinkable house edge. You always get what you win.

Instant payouts are another Sportbet.one’s claim to fame. They will help you make the most of your eSports betting with cryptocurrency as your winnings arrive in an instant. You can thank smart contracts for that.

You can’t go wrong with sportbet.one. Go crypto and bet on eSports responsibly!