Now You Can Indulge Your Passion for Tennis Betting with Bitcoin

While there are quite a few bookmakers that accept fiat money for tennis bets, this is not the case with crypto. That’s when comes in to change the rules of the game. We make all gambling strategies feasible, including tennis betting with Bitcoin.

It doesn’t matter whether you have tons of crypto as BTC or EOS, or just a smattering about it, your passion for tennis is the only thing that matters with

Place your wagers on male or female matches, bet handicaps or set totals, and choose from the Grand Slam or less prestigious tournaments. Selecting a betting market and making your wager with crypto coins from your EOS account couldn’t be any easier.

The highest crypto betting tennis odds are coming

If you've been into the betting world for a while, you've probably heard of the vig or juice sportsbooks set. They incorporate it into their odds, making your potential winnings lower than you may expect. The great news is that puts an end to this once and for all.

We offer the best crypto betting tennis odds as you can now bid farewell to the ludicrous vig. That means higher payouts for the outcomes you guess correctly. And you don’t have to deal with any additional fees when you withdraw them.

Your risk-free way to bet on tennis

Do you prefer betting anonymously? Say no more. With the rise of digital ledgers like blockchain, you can easily do that on Now you can bet on your favorite tennis players and tournaments while keeping your PII to yourself.

Seize your blockchain tennis betting chance without having to:

  1. Undergo an identity verification process to place a wager
  2. Prove the source of your crypto
  3. Upload any documents to withdraw your winnings
  4. Put up with location-specific regulations on deposits and withdrawals

To put it simply, never lays bare the personal details of bettors because we have no access to it. Your anonymous experience will always be our priority.

Winning bets can be paid out that quickly

With no pre-betting and post-betting KYC checks, pays out your winnings before you know it. They usually arrive within minutes of a successful outcome as the smart contract executes the transfer. Jump back to your EOS account, and your winnings will be there.

Are you concerned about transaction fees? You shouldn’t be. Your winnings are paid out without credit card-related charges that may drive you up the wall with fiat money transactions.

Besides, sets nothing but high tennis betting limits. If you’re looking to bet big, here you go!