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Blockchain Poker — Why You Must Join the Craze

The popularity of poker is reaching a new peak, with online casinos making the game much more accessible. The ease and convenience of blockchain poker are further stoking the fire.

Crypto poker online

Even those new to the world of cryptocurrencies are excited to give blockchain poker a try. Online crypto poker games bring advantages that avid players simply can’t miss out on.

  • Security and privacy. Because cryptocurrencies operate in a decentralized network, players don’t have to worry about a central authority dictating the terms of their transactions. And unlike traditional banking systems, digital currencies don’t require account holders to disclose their information. This means online cryptocurrency poker players can hide their identities and remain completely anonymous.
  • Faster transactions. Because crypto networks do not require verification from any central body, transactions happen at a faster rate. Whether poker players are trying to deposit or withdraw funds, they don’t get bogged down by delays. This is rarely the case for bank transactions, which require up to five working days to complete certain procedures.
  • Lower fees. Playing online poker with cryptocurrency allows players to save on fees. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether require only a fraction of the charges that come with traditional payment methods. Those who bet with EOS crypto don’t incur any fees at all. Moreover, blockchain transactions don’t bombard players with hidden costs, such as card maintenance fees and monthly interest rates.
  • Huge bonuses. Players who have experienced playing online poker with both fiat money and cryptocurrencies know they have greater chances of snagging a huge bonus with certain digital currencies. This is because casinos incur fewer costs and earn higher profits from crypto transactions, leaving them more room for generous payouts.
  • Higher betting limits. Because online cryptocurrency poker games are not subject to government restrictions, they are able to set higher betting limits than regular games. Players under VIP programs enjoy even more favorable terms. Those who make it to the highest tiers won’t even have to worry about limits.
  • Fair outcomes. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies makes provably fair gambling possible. This means the gamblers can use various technologies to verify the fairness and randomness of the poker games. They no longer have to just take the developer’s word for it.

Playing online poker with bitcoin — introducing a superior alternative

Traditional gamblers who play poker with bitcoin find an even better alternative in EOS blockchain casinos. EOS transactions run at a faster rate than those of bitcoin, and they don’t require any fees.

Those new to the world of cryptocurrency don’t have to worry about a learning curve. They can head straight to sportbet.one and use the platform to buy crypto with their credit card, PayPal, bank account, Venmo, and other traditional payment methods.

So, what types of coin poker are available in blockchain casinos? Online sites offer the three most commonly played game variations.

  • Cash tables. Those who play at a cash table could be up against just one player or a group of up to eight players. They would be playing the entire game on a single table with no time limit or any cap on the money they could lose. It’s a lot riskier than sit-and-go tables or tournament games where gamblers only stand to lose the entrance fee they’ve paid.
  • Sit-and-go tables. This type of poker game involves the same rules as cash tables. The main difference is that the players only have their buy-in money at stake. They don’t risk losing unlimited amounts of money.
  • Tournament games. This poker game variation is largely similar to sit-and-go tables in that players only lose the initial money they’ve brought in. What sets tournaments apart is that they may involve a number of players on several tables. While only a maximum of nine gamblers can play on a table, each tournament can have several tables. With poker tournaments attracting thousands of players, huge prizes are usually at stake. The prize pool will be distributed among the last remaining players. It can be the ultimate, life-changing win for any poker enthusiast.

Gamblers looking to play poker with crypto for the first time are in for a ride. Not only is the process much more convenient and accessible, but it also opens up doors to exciting games and tournaments.