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Valorant crypto betting — updated Valorant betting guide with TOP 2 strategies

VALORANT consists of several rounds with a mission inside of each. The main goal for team one is to try to detonate the spike in a specific location and to defend for the second. This knowledge is certainly not enough to start playing the game or to enjoy Valorant crypto betting online. That’s why on this page you will find more information about the game and tournaments. The most important undoubtedly is the Valorant Champions, which has a prize pool of $2,250,000 in 2023.

Also, you will learn about the main features of crypto esports Valorant betting online and the best markets to bet on. Take into account that crypto betting in most cases is more profitable for bettors than fiat bets. Especially if you learn how to predict the matches and crypto exchange rate correlation.

How to use the cryptocurrency Valorant betting — betting line for the major Valorant tournaments

To succeed in cryptocurrency Valorant betting remember massive changes that are being introduced for this season. From 2023 there will be 3 on-LAN leagues, and the total number of teams will be 30. The strongest teams from each League will be qualified directly to the 2023 VCT Champions. Among the strongest, this year are FNATIC, Navi, and 100 Thieves, who have all but achieved their goal of dominating the American VCT.

With the tournament formats changes the crypto esports Valorant betting lines are still wide and numerous. And for all matches during the major competitions bettors will find the next markets:

  • match winner;
  • map winner;
  • tournament winner;
  • First Blood;
  • map handicap;
  • outright winner!

Bets on the winner will be the best for newbies with a lack of experience. But to make bets on the first blood or total round or total by cards bettor needs to know how to analyze the different factors and prepare the prediction. The betting line for Valorant matches is similar to the market combination you can see for CS: GO competitions. You can bet also on Spike Plant, Ace, Team Ace, Overs/Unders, Spike Defuce, etc.

Among the major tournaments in this game are:

  • Valorant Champions Tour;
  • VCT 2023 International Leagues;
  • VCT 2023 LOCK//IN São Paulo;
  • VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo;
  • VCT 2023 Ascension.

The betting lineup for such grand events will be wide and contain many additional markets to bet on. For major tournaments, sportsbooks often offer exclusive bonuses and better coefficients. Smaller tournaments also can be found in some sportsbooks but the betting line for such events will be poor.

Valorant betting tips — best strategies for winning bets on Valorant

The main Valorant crypto betting tip is not to make bets without a clear understanding of how this game works and which factors affect the results of the matches. Here are some more recommendations for profitable Esport betting:

  1. Take into account the economics of the game. Due to its rules better weapons and abilities have the most successful teams.
  2. Analyze the types of comp teams that are running.
  3. Understand the ultimate abilities. Valorant abilities can be powerful if players will use them correctly.
  4. Check updates and patches.
  5. Bankroll management. Define your bankroll for betting and never spend more than that on Esports bets.
  6. Follow the social media of teams and players. This helps you to know about changes in the professional and personal lives of the players that can affect their results in the nearest matches.
  7. Watch and analyze the tournaments regularly. Watch matches of the strongest teams to understand their strategy and learn how to analyze the situation during the game!

To get the most out of the Valorant betting, follow the streams to keep up to date and see how the teams' form has changed. Better to subscribe to relevant channels on Twitch and find the best streamers who focus on this specific game.

For prediction preparation, you need to study the results of the recent matches, card and agent selection, face-offs results, and lineup.

An effective strategy can be really helpful in Valorant crypto betting to increase the chances of winning a bet. Modified Martingale is one of Esport's best strategies due to its simplicity and effectiveness. In the classic Martingale strategy bettor doubles his bet after each loss. In the new version, it will be 10, 20, 30, and 60, so this strategy can be used with a small bankroll. But it will be effective only if the odds are higher or equal to two.

The Fibonacci system refers to progressive betting systems, so the bettor needs to prepare a sufficient amount of bankroll. It is suitable for minimizing the risk of losing money while increasing the chance of getting additional winnings. The system is based on betting according to the scheme: 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on.