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CS 2 Esports crypto betting — how to bet on CS 2 matches and win

Betting on Esports has never been as popular as it is today, so bettors have a real chance not only to try something new but also to win big. For bettors are available the fiat payment methods and the Counter Strike 2 esports crypto betting options. This is one of the best games to bet on also because of the number of the total audience of 600 million. And it's still growing.

For Esports betting with a crypto sportsbook clients can use BTC or any other crypto. The full list of available cryptos can be found on the sportsbook site. With the decision to use crypto as your main currency for Esports betting you can get even more benefits and the profit can be impressive. A growing number of Esports betting sites now accept crypto as a means for transactions.

Esports CS2 (CS:GO) betting with crypto — main game rules and best tips for Esports betting

Before betting on CS 2 the bettor needs to learn the rules and terminology of this game. Remember that the Esports CS 2 betting with crypto is different from making bets on classic sports so you will see plenty of specific markets in the sportsbook line for such events. And here are some important details about this game:

  • Counter Strike 2 is a shooting game from the category of traditional games;
  • It has first-person gameplay so match results will depend on the gamers' decisions and previous experience;
  • In CS 2 the most important thing to win is to be able to aim. So watch the previous games of the selected teams to understand if they are good at that!

Remember that knowing the rules and analyzing the stats can help you to bet and win. In the TOP 5 this year you will see the next teams: G2, Heroic, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, and NAVI. Here are simple tips for CS2 esports crypto betting analysis:

  1. Select the teams and find a “forward” in each of them. You need to use the players’ stats for the last three months to find the best player on both teams. After that just compare their stats.
  2. Check the players' form before the match. You can find information about that in their Steam profiles, where the most important part is how many hours have they played in the last 2 weeks.
  3. Analyze bans and picks in the game. Every team has its favorite map and «insta ban», so you need to use that information for your prediction preparation!

These are only some main tips you can use in Counter Strike 2 esports cryptocurrency betting. But to get the full picture follow the team’s and players' social media. In their profiles, you will find news about the important changes (reshuffles or substitutions for the match, for example). Reshuffles always affect the performance of the teams because players will need some time to get used to the new positions and roles.‎

Advantages of the online CS2 esports crypto betting - best CS 2 markets to bet with crypto

In online CS 2 esports crypto betting bettors will get access to the wide lines and high coefficients. But all such things are also available in fiat betting, so focus on the next unique features you can get only when making bets with crypto:

  • Low or even no transaction fees;
  • High limits;
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals;
  • Guarantee of safety and confidentiality (users don’t need to add any personal details for payment operations).

But still, it’s important to find a secure CS 2 esports crypto betting site and manage the bankroll. When the sportsbook is found, open the account and put some money on it to get the welcome bonus and start betting immediately. For Esports CS2 betting with crypto it's better to select such events as Two CSGO Major Championships, BLAST Premier, or Several Intel Extreme Masters series including Katowice and Cologne. These are major events in this Esport so you will see a wide betting line with a great selection of additional markets and high coefficients. When the tournament is selected learn the next important information from its rules:

  • Game format;
  • Map Pool;
  • Overtime;
  • Restrictions (general and substitution);
  • Team stuff restrictions;
  • Match Fixing;
  • Timeouts!

Rules and regulations in CS 2 tournaments are different than in the game. That is the main reason to start with the tournament regulations learning. Do not make any bets before all that information is clear for you. Same with a betting line which will be specific for every match. Here is a list of the most popular bets in this discipline you can find for any match:

  • Round winner;
  • Outright winner;
  • Total Kills;
  • Handicap;
  • Match winner;
  • Winner on the map;
  • Maps total!

In the live format, bettors can find even more potential betting options with a chance to catch higher match odds. For beginners, the easiest bets to predict are bets on the winner of the match or the winner of the round. But even to make them, it's best to start by analyzing and preparing a prediction, which can take months or not at all.