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Enjoy crypto dice game with sportbet.one

What can come out of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency combined with a classic online casino game like dice? A crypto dice game, of course. Sportbet.one is the first blockchain casino where you can place a crypto bet on the outcome of any game!

As sportbet.one is a blockchain-based gambling platform, you can instantly withdraw your earnings to a wallet of your choosing, from Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH), EOS, Litecoin (LTC), or any other fiat or crypto account. Smart contract bets are immutable and transparent, which guarantees that you always get what you earned with this dice crypto casino.

Why play dice with bitcoin?

Why not? Bitcoin is officially registered by the SEC as a means of payment. So, if you have funds in BTC, you can spend them the way you want. For instance, you can bet on the outcome of some sports games, eSports tournaments, or online casino games with sportbet.one!

The key benefit is that sportbet.one is an online casino, so you can play whenever you want and from any location with a stable internet connection. This also means you can bet on events and games not available at your local bookies, avoid unwanted attention from tax agencies, and benefit from instant payouts in the cryptocurrency of your choosing.

Cryptocurrency dice games

What types of crypto dice games can you play?

  • Craps, both street and casino
  • Hazard
  • Shut the Box
  • Under and Over 7
  • Cho-Han Bakuchi

Not all of these are currently available with sportbet.one live casino, but they will be added in the future.

How do you play dice online using EOS blockchain?

  • You place a bet on a roll of the dice (depending on the game rules, this can include pass, odds, or prop bets, with 2 to 6 dice). This creates a smart contract.
  • Other players make their bets against the house.
  • The shooter rolls the dice, and the outcome of the roll determines the next step. If you win (the pass bet numbers come up on the roll), you can place subsequent come/don’t come bets, as well as self-service/prop bets, until you win the round and close the contract. The EOS smart contract is closed if you lose, and the next round can begin.

This is a very simplified explanation, as the dice connoisseurs will know. Depending on the rules, there can be many more consecutive rolls.

The key idea remains the same, though: you can play crypto dice casino games at any time, with any number of other players from across the globe, and bet on any outcome. Should you win, you can withdraw your money instantly to a crypto wallet of your choice — or keep playing the game further!


Playing a crypto dice game on sportbet.one is a great way to test your luck without dealing with local bookies or explaining to the tax office where you got all that extra cash. You can monetize your luck and enjoy transparent and instant payouts using cryptocurrency. Good luck with your bets on cryptocurrency dice games!