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Play Keno online with bitcoins!

Keno is one of the most popular lotteries and gambling games for online casinos. Why so? Because, unlike card games or slots, it is a game of pure luck that can’t be rigged. When you play Keno online, you compete not against other players or roulette but against pure mathematics and blind chance. And it means that you can win big if you calculate your strategy right. Guess the numbers: the more you guess — the more you get!

Why make bitcoin crypto bets?

Sportbet.one provides a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency owners. The platform allows them to bet on the outcome of sports, eSports, or online casino games with their crypto wallets. Unlike your local bookies, who must have a license and comply with multiple regulations, online gambling is not as heavily limited by law. So you can bet with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Litecoin (LTC) without any limitations.

This also means that you can compete with players not only from the USA, the UK, or Europe but from many countries worldwide And if you are after pure gambling and just want to play keno online by yourself — sportbet.one platform provides this opportunity.

Crypto Keno rules

The rules of online Keno gambling can vary a bit depending on the game developer, but they are generally the same across the sportbet.one website:

  • You can select several numbers, usually up to 20 out of 80. Please note that the higher the percentage you guess — the better the payout. So, if you guess 8 out of 10 numbers, you can get about 50 times more than your bet. But if you guess only 3 out of 6, you will merely double your bet.
  • Select how much you want to bet per draw and adjust this figure as needed between draws.
  • Select the number of draws to play. More draws—more chances of guessing the numbers correctly, but lower bet/win ratio.
  • Start the draw and wait to find out how many matches you made!

Overall, when you play Keno online, you get almost the same experience as with an all-too-familiar lottery or offline gambling. However, there are some differences.

Bitcoin Keno benefits

Bitcoin Keno betting comes with some good benefits:

  • You can start playing online at sportbet.one at any time, instead of waiting until enough players join the round at an offline bookie.
  • You can hit the aggregate limit yourself, and you won’t have to share income with other players.
  • Bets are made on EOS smart contracts, so you can get instant payouts the moment you want them—to a crypto wallet or any bank account of your choice.

As you can see, crypto Keno can be a fun way to spend time. Just bet wisely to minimize your potential losses, and if you are an experienced Keno player — you can score big with bitcoin Keno at sportbet.one!