JetX slot machine – Play with cryptocurrency on is a well-known decentralized online casino. We've put a lot of effort into making our platform diverse, user-friendly and open to bettors from different corners of the world. We offer a huge selection of casino games and sport events along with simple house rules, a variety of payment methods including cryptocurrency, an impressive bonus system and full-time customer support. Our customers have different tastes when it comes to betting, but most of them really like slot machines, especially the popular crash games. One of those is JetX – an arcade looking game that was inspired by some world-known crypto games and continues to gain followers every day. We are aware about the attention span, so let's find out what this slot is like and go over its main features.

What is JetX?

JetX is a game that became an online phenomenon during the last year. It was developed by SmartSoft Gaming in 2018 and still proves the company's reputation for creating high-quality online casino products. With easy-to-follow rules and great interface, this slot quickly found its way into the hearts of thousands of bettors and earned its place in many online casinos like SportBet here. One of the reasons this slot is so popular is its RTP, which is at 97% and higher than for most other casino games. JetX features a jet that keeps flying higher and further, earning bettors their considerable winnings with coefficients that grow as the jet rises. Basically, the main rule of the slot is to make sure you get your money out before the jet/plane crashes. As a fast-paced crash game, it is rather intense and has lots of high levels of action.

How to play JetX?

JetX is a game of chance. Based around the Random Number Generator technology, there is no way to predict the outcome of a round or cheat with the multipliers. The casino players can place one or multiple bets, trying to guess the multiplier jet crashes at. Once your bet is placed, the jet will take off and as it rises the multiplier's value will rise as well. Your bet will be lost if the jet crashes before you cash out, so pay attention and choose the side – staying safe and exiting early, or going for those high coefficients? By the way, SportBet also offers another version of this slot – JetX3. It has all the features of the original game with some innovations.

Auto-withdraw or manual withdraw?

There are two options for cashing out available at SportBet – auto-withdraw or manual? The difference is that with auto-withdraw mode you only set a multiplier and when the jet reaches it the game is over and you get your money. Surely, the round is lost if the jet crashes before the said multiplier is reached. Of course, you can still choose to be more involved in the game and do a manual withdraw or even combine those two options – sounds fun, doesn't it?

What is the best JetX strategy?

As we mentioned before, JetX crash game is pretty much about luck, so there aren't really any strategies or tricks to ensure your winning. However, there are a few techniques that gamblers use to increase their chances, and those are mostly about the bet sizes, bankroll management and questions like when it is better to take a risk or leave the game early. Remember – these play styles don't guarantee you the win. They are actually more about making the game more strategic for the player, even though it stays random by itself.

Betting big on a low multiplier & betting low on a high multiplier

This technique is the most popular among the JetX fans. The general idea is that you place two bets within the same round: a small one on a high coefficient and a big one on a low coefficient. Both bets are done with auto-withdraw feature on. The bettors hope to achieve two goals with this strategy. At first, the big bet will help you to keep a stable balance and make sure you'll win on a recurrent basis, so this part is limiting the risks. Another goal is to aim at hitting the big coefficient with the small bet, so it could increase your balance. If this technique looks legit to you, don't wait around and try it in the action yourself here at

Play volatile and cash out as soon as possible

This approach is slightly less adventurous than the previous one. With this strategy you don't try to hit the jackpot with high multipliers and just aim at getting a bit of a win every round and withdrawing it as soon as you have the chance. So the point is to make a higher bet than usual and cash out on low coefficients – you'll have a recurring gain and get the money out as soon as the minimum withdrawal amount is on your account. But pay attention because this volatile style can get you in trouble – betting higher than usual can misfire if you stumble upon an unlucky streak.

How are my JetX winnings calculated?

The game's outcome or your chances of winning do not depend on your skills or speed. The result in the JetX crash game is your placed bet multiplied by the current flight coefficient. The maximum amount you can win per one bet is 10,000 and the lowest possible multiplier is 1.00x. Your winnings will be collected automatically if the maximum win is reached.


What happens to my JetX bet if I get disconnected?

Don't worry, your bet will continue till the end of the round in case you get disconnected in the middle of an active round. Your winnings will be collected automatically if you have the auto-cash out option enabled or you can do it manually yourself if you manage to come back before the round is finished.

Can I play the JetX crash game with Bitcoin?

Absolutely. supports a range of different cryptocurrencies and you can choose any of them for playing the JetX crash game.