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Why bitcoin cricket betting is a must try

Unlike basketball and soccer, the majority of countries don’t have national teams for cricket. Although widely popular, cricket is still considered a local sport and is played frequently in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, and India.

But thanks to online betting and cryptocurrencies, the sport has become increasingly accessible to gamblers from all over the world.

Three popular bitcoin cricket betting competitions

So, which competitions are open for bitcoin cricket betting? You can try your luck with both domestic and international events. Watch out for the following popular cricket competitions:

  • Big Bash League. First established in 2011, the Big Bash League is the biggest cricket competition in Australia. The season runs from December to February each year.
  • Indian Premier League. Considered the world’s number one Twenty20 Cricket competition, the Indian Premier League runs yearly from April to June. Ten teams from different Indian cities participate in the league.

So, how exactly can you start dipping your toes in crypto cricket betting? It’s not as complicated as you might expect.

Cricket betting made easy

Even if you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies, you can start cricket betting without breaking a sweat. Here’s how to bet on cricket the easy way.

  1. Sign up at sportbet.one using your social media profile or existing crypto wallet.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Pick a cricket event and betting market.
  4. Start placing your bets!

Crypto cricket betting is not only fast and easy, it’s also safe. Let’s explore the benefits of betting on cricket with cryptocurrencies.

Why you must try crypto cricket betting

Are you still gambling online using fiat money? It’s time to explore the benefits of crypto cricket betting.

  • Fast and convenient transactions. Crypto betting platforms won’t bug you with geo-restrictions and know your customer (KYC) checks. You’ll be up and betting with a few clicks. Unlike bank transactions, crypto networks don’t have to wait for verification from a central body and are able to process transactions at a faster rate.
  • Emphasis on privacy and security. Because crypto betting platforms don’t require KYC checks, you get to preserve your anonymity while gambling online. You’ll never have to divulge your name, address, or source of funding. The decentralized system also ensures no bank or government will be dictating the terms of your transactions.
  • Lower fees. With crypto betting, you won’t have to put up with bookmakers who charge hidden fees. Moreover, you get to spare yourself the high costs of bank transactions. Crypto networks charge minimal fees. And if you’re using EOS, you won’t have to pay any fees at all.
  • Quick returns. While traditional gambling sites make you wait for days on end to withdraw your earnings, blockchain platforms instantly transfer the amount to your crypto wallet. You’ll still be feeling the euphoria of the victory as you withdraw your winnings.
  • Special bonuses. Crypto platforms offer bonuses you can only dream of finding on traditional sites. After all, large bonuses are only a drop in the bucket considering surging cryptocurrency prices.
  • Greater transparency. Blockchain paves the way for a fair system which is based on smart contracts and can’t be altered by a third party. Those who bet on crypto cricket can have peace of mind knowing their winnings can’t be held back by a bookie.

Once you experience the benefits of crypto cricket betting firsthand and you’ll never go back to traditional gambling ever again.

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