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NHL betting was popular for as long as the National Hockey League existed. But, despite being around for over a hundred years, there wasn't much positive progress in the betting system.

You might ask, didn't online sportsbooks make hockey betting significantly easier? There's some truth to it if we're speaking about placing bets. However, getting your winning from these sites is an Achilles' heel for most players. And then there are high fees, geo-restrictions, betting limits, and other frustrating aspects that most have to deal with.

Or are there? Short answer: not anymore! With blockchain-powered platforms and cryptocurrency, you can bet without discouraging limitations and unfair odds. Let's see how!

Why regular online sportsbooks are not the best option

Skill, strategy, and luck can help you place the right bet on a winning team. Let's say you landed a big win. But it's too early to relax! Now, you have to withdraw your money, which is what bookies don't want you to do.

If you thought you had to upload a ton of documents just to place a wager on a hockey game — wait until you try to get your winnings. Many sportsbooks ask for volumes of personally identifiable information and photos to slow you down for as long as possible.

Also, let's not forget that you won't get all of your winnings. Bookies and the government always get their cut.

Why is NHL crypto betting different?

What makes blockchain NHL betting a better option for the players? The advantages of crypto-betting platforms include:

  1. You don't have to provide personal info or verify your ID for betting.
  2. Most crypto betting platforms aren't subject to regional laws and accept payments from anywhere.
  3. You can start playing right away without making a massive deposit to the platform.
  4. The government won't take away the lion's share of your wins.
  5. Don't wait for days or weeks — your winnings are available almost immediately.

Contrary to popular belief, crypto betting isn't difficult. But only if you play on the right website.

Sportbet.one makes blockchain NHL betting easy

Crypto betting at Sportbet.one won't feel much different from what you're used to with sportsbooks. Here's what you need to do:

  • Visit Sportbet.one and log in using Google, Facebook, Twitter, or your crypto wallet.
  • Buy bitcoin, EOS, or USDT with the built-in exchange service.
  • Pick a “Hockey” category and navigate to the preferred betting market.
  • Place your bets!

As you can see, you are only a few steps away from your first sports bet with cryptocurrencies!

Secure & unlimited NHL betting with blockchain technology!

If you like the idea of betting anonymously from anywhere without waiting for your payouts for weeks on end, try Sportbet.one to see how easy and transparent crypto betting can be!

How to win in online hockey betting

Hockey gamblers understand the importance of learning the ropes of online hockey betting. This is a sport that is not always easy to place viable bets on. However, armed with the right tips, punters can place bets and win in various matches. This article reveals the tips for successful hockey betting.

Do live betting

In hockey matches, things can take drastic shifts once the puck drops. Live betting is one of the best ways to capitalize when one of the teams is not playing well. Other than the joy it comes with, there are a few instances that lead punters to engage in live betting;

  • when a team is not performing as anticipated;
  • when a key player gets wounded;
  • when the goaltender seems to be struggling!

The NHL can have more than 14 games. It is not easy for the hockey betting odds creators to come up with sharp live odds for each of them. Punters can therefore single out a contest to bet on, pay close attention to it, and place bets as soon as the match’s live hockey betting odds seem impressive. However, punters should make a few considerations on the bets they place to improve winning chances.

Ride the streaks

Confidence is a factor that applies in almost all professional sports. Thus, when a specific team is experiencing a winning streak, it is the right time to bet on them. Even if they do not perform well in the first few minutes of the match, they can still emerge victoriously. Thus, punters should be keen on teams that keep winning.

Pay close attention to special teams

Over the last 25 years, there has been a decrease in NHL scoring, and special teams have become a factor in the game outcomes. Punters should be keen to bet on teams that have a strong power play. Besides, teams with a tremendous penalty-killing unit are deemed exceptional because they have high chances of emerging victorious.


nhl hockey crypto betting is relatively easy if punters know the importance of riding on winning streaks. Besides, live betting is a great idea, especially when one of the teams seems to be struggling, one of the top players gets an injury, or the goaltender is struggling. Lastly, special teams that have strong power plays, for example, should be considered for positive outcomes when punters bet hockey online. . With these betting tips, any punter can get more winnings in the upcoming contests.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓How to make deposits with crypto on ice hockey?

ice hockey betting with bitcoin requires having a wallet for performing cryptocurrency transactions.

How it works

Punters can acquire crypto from BTC direct and send it to the wallet. What follows is going to the online wagering platform. At the betting accounts’ deposit section, customers will select the cryptocurrency and indicate the sum they wish to use in betting on ice hockey.

❓Is betting on hockey legal?

The NHL betting with bitcoin activity is legal in most international locations, and hockey is amongst the exciting sports activities that most bettors won’t want to miss. Moreover, there are additional plans to legalize the exercise in areas where it is illegal.

Hockey enthusiasts in legalized countries can open an account at a bookmaker using a smartphone or computer. The playing agency has policies that ought to get adhered to by anyone using the services.

❓ Is cryptocurrency betting completely anonymous?

The NHL hockey bitcoin betting exercise lets clients make deposits and withdraw cash with minimal or even no private details getting shared. So, punters bet on their preferred sports anonymously. But is cryptocurrency fully anonymous, though?

Apart from Lightning Network payments, all BTC transactions get stored in the blockchain. In addition, the sender and recipient's addresses get saved as a section of the transaction statistics as well. Thus, everything on the blockchain takes place at once, and nobody can modify it.

Also, it isn't easy to trace Bitcoin activities. So, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are anonymous to a great extent.

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