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Card games are one of the most widespread forms of entertainment in the world. But among all of them, blackjack, thanks to simple rules, has taken the most important place among games that allow to feel the risk and increase capital.

Blackjack cryptocurrency gambling in blockchain online casinos

The history of blackjack can be called one of the most controversial in the history of gaming entertainment. Many historians who study the evolution of this game declare different dates for the first mention of this game. Among all the alleged dates, the first is considered a mention in the 14th century in the sermon of Bernadino of Siena. But the most common opinion that blackjack emerged in the 17th century - the date of the appearance of the game Vingt-Un - the forefather of blackjack.

Nowadays blackjack is one of the most popular games among gamblers. This is due to fairly simple rules compared to many other games and opportunities to win. Online blackjack real money gambling available from almost every corner of the planet. It is enough to find a suitable casino site to start playing.

Also, due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, casino sites are based on the blockchain, which allows playing crypto blackjack. In this way, to make blackjack cryptocurrency bets, the main requirement is to have a digital currency wallet. This wallet will also be used in the future to receive winnings and subsequent bets.

Basic rules needed to know to play blackjack online

One of the biggest blackjack misconceptions is that to win it is needed to score 21. But the essence of the game is to beat the dealer. As in table and crypto blackjack, in order to win, the player needs to collect a combination of cards that will be higher than the dealer`s and not exceed 21.

Also, before starting to play blackjack online, it is advisable to know all the possible actions that can be performed in the game.

  1. Hit

    This action allows taking another card;

  2. Stand

    Action which means “Take no more cards”;

  3. Double down

    Doubling the bet and getting just one card, after which it is impossible to take cards;

  4. Split

    If there are two cards of the same value, the player has the opportunity to split his hand.

  5. Surrender

    This action allows the player to take half of the bet after the first two cards are dealt.

Having a complete understanding of the possible actions, the player who starts to play blackjack online will be able to correctly apply them, developing strategies for successfully getting a win.

Online blackjack real money usa available variations

Online blackjack real money is available in a few different variations. The main version of the game is considered the basic (American) version, which can be considered as the best bitcoin blackjack. In this variation the gambler sees only one dealer's card, the second is hidden.

In the European version of the game, the dealer receives only one card when dealing. The dealer takes the 2nd card only after all players have finished taking cards. Also, there are many less popular variations of the game.