Bring Your Bitcoin Football Betting Strategy to Life with SportBet

When the NFL playoffs are happening, you can’t help but pick your favorite team. This is not enough, though. You also want to choose a proven Bitcoin football betting strategy and stick to it until those guys lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Easier said than done? It really is. Every time you bet point spreads, totals, or any other line, a bookie’s vig comes into play. Centralized sportsbooks set ridiculously high fees all too often, and NFL games are no exception.

Here’s good news: you left the exorbitant vig behind the very moment you landed on SportBet. It’s where football betting takes on a new meaning, unlocking more wagering options for NFL fans. As a decentralized, peer-to-peer platform, SportBet isn’t biased towards unreasonable odds and fees. They are always in your favor so that you can adopt the right betting strategy.

How can football betting and Bitcoin go hand in hand?

SportBet harnesses blockchain technology to accept and pay out football bets. This way, you place your wagers in EOS, BTC, or other cryptocurrencies with no fiat deposits. No deposits — no sneaky regulators rubbing their hands while setting their sights on your winnings.

When you join SportBet for football betting with Bitcoin or EOS, you’re choosing the peace of mind associated with smart contracts. They serve as regulators here. Smart contracts are self-executed, so when your bet wins, your payouts are not long in coming. Whether you bet on regular-season games or the Super Bowl, you know your wagers are safe.

Identity verification is now a thing of the past

Gone are the days when you had to upload a pile of documents to place a wager on a football game. Your NFL Bitcoin betting experience on SportBet has nothing to do with IDs and SSNs. We only require players to have valid EOS accounts where they can store their cryptos and winnings. Setting it up doesn’t call for any documents, either.

Think you can avoid KYC procedures on other Bitcoin football betting sites, too? That would be a world of make-believe. Even if other betting platforms require no documents at the registration stage, they will want you to prove your identity when withdrawing your winnings. Yes, it hurts.

This will never happen to you with SportBet. We’re the world’s first online football betting platform that has:

  1. No identity verification process, whether you’re placing your bet or withdrawing your winnings
  2. No control over the flow of your cryptos
  3. No sanctions against successful bettors

Plus, SportBet is all about exceptionally high payout limits. You’ll appreciate them once you’re on a roll.

How to place NFL cryptocurrency bets on SportBet?

For your convenience, you better start by selecting an odds format. It’s up to you to go for a decimal or American option. Make sure the odds are displayed in a way that doesn’t trip you up.

Without further ado, here’s how you can make your first NFL cryptocurrency bet on SportBet:

  • Log in to SportBet.
  • Buy EOS or other coins if your crypto wallet is empty.
  • Navigate through available NFL and Super Bowl betting lines.
  • Choose a betting market.
  • Place your crypto bet on football games, big or small.

It will take you a few minutes, if not seconds, to get through the entire process. But note that you can’t cancel your bet once you place it. Avoid knee-jerk decisions that you may later regret.

With SportBet, you can place singles or combine several bets in parlays. The odds are unmatched, and so are your potential crypto payouts!