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Play Plinko with bitcoin!

Meet crypto Plinko, an online game of chance where you can bet with cryptocurrency and earn big. Inspired by a famous TV show with a plinking ball, Plinko from Sportbet is a new generation of online casino games that combines the thrill of gambling with the transparency and immutability of the blockchain. Play Plinko with bitcoin and enjoy winning—hassle-free!

How is crypto Plinko better?

The key benefit of using cryptocurrency to bet on Plinko is that players are not limited to their local booking platforms, licensing, and rules. You don’t have to declare your earnings at your local tax office, either. In addition, EOS blockchain technology ensures instant payouts, transparent tracking of transactions, and convenient managing of your digital wallet and fiat funds.

In terms of rules, crypto coin Plinko is similar to the one you are used to from the TV show. You select a number of rows, and a ball starts plinking down a pegboard until it randomly falls into one of the slots that determine the outcome of the round.

There are many additional rules and im-plink-ations that can affect the result:

  • You can min-max the bets between rounds to maximize your potential win or minimize losses
  • You can play manually or order automatic play for several rounds
  • There are bonus balls to be earned if a ball falls into an appropriate slot
  • If a ball falls into one of the Plinko slots, you can win a super prize

All in all, playing bitcoin Plinko at the sportbet.one website can be a great pastime and a fun gambling experience. Most importantly, you will never lose your results in case of “unexpected failures,” as it sometimes happens with other online casinos, as EOS blockchain stores all the contracts.

Can I get Litecoin Plinko rewards?

One of the best aspects of sportbet.one platform is that it allows you to receive payouts in the crypto of your choosing. So, should you want to receive your crypto Plinko rewards in Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Bitcoin (BTC)—this can be done! Should you want to get your winnings in fiat — there is a possibility to do that, too.

What are you waiting for then? Try out bitcoin Plinko with sportbet.one, and don’t let anything stop your winning spree!