You may have heard about affiliate marketing. The offers are multiple, but can you really make a decent sum? 🤯 Check out the story of one of our first partners. Here, he shares how he started earning commission from every referred player and made $120 539 during the pandemiс🦠😷.

I’d like to share my experience with the affiliate program SBETPARTNERS a blockchain-based betting platform offers. Let’s not describe all the details – you can find them on their website if needed; just read my story.

I’ve always been passionate about baseball (I guess it all started when I was around five).

I never thought about becoming a professional, but I admired players like Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, and Roger Clemens. By admiring, I mean watching every game, never missing a single championship, and knowing everything about my idols. 

In 2015, I created a fan page on Facebook and posted various facts and photos about baseball, players, and related stuff. 

I can’t say it was something I could boast of: I received lots of negative comments. My writing skills left a great deal to be desired.

But I gained valuable experience: providing feedback, my readers made me level up my content writing and marketing skills. And one moment, I was surprised to see 10 thousand users on my fan page! People liked and commented on my posts, this way increasing the coverage of my audience. 

Want to know how I earned my first 10k likes?

All of my friends have many connections on Facebook. At every party, while having a pint, I asked if I could make them the admins of my page. Usually, they agreed with no problem – that didn’t require anything from them. This move allowed me to invite the admins’ friends to like my page and posts. Today, it works as well, but, luckily, Facebook has made this option visible for all page users (the ones who liked it), so you don’t have to add multiple admins. So, grow your audience and help one another!

Back to my story. So, I got a popular page. What’s next?

Next, I decided to go for a website. As I acquired significant experience in FB community management, I decided to try and monetize my knowledge in the sphere. 

I bought a website on WordPress, listened to an SEO course, and understood that unique content was my most valuable resource. So I chose my most liked FB posts and rewrote them for my website. Gradually, my daily audience increased to 200 viewers.

At that stage, I started contemplating how to earn more but avoid huge taxes. This list was born as a result:

  • PPC Advertising with Google AdSense
  • Providing ad space as a publisher
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Crowd-funding/donations
  • Creating personal product/service
  • Sponsor content
  • Selling the website
  • Implementing a subscription-based model
  • Coupons with referral links
  • Online courses/coaching programs

Since I’m a citizen of the USA and we all know the crazy taxes Americans have to pay for everything, I stopped at affiliate marketing. As I’m the owner of the sports website, I chose the betting industry.

Yes, betting is strictly regulated in the USA. But if you turn your eyes to the blockchain platforms, the world becomes a much better place:

  • players can place bets from any US state;
  • all bets are completely anonymous;
  • no KYC is needed for payouts;
  • smart contracts ensure the transparency of the affiliate program;
  • affiliate payouts are anonymous and in crypto.

Researching the options, I’ve stopped my choice on – and didn’t regret my choice.

At first, the affiliate program was nothing much: it added the pathetic $450-500 to my monthly income. But then the COVID-19 erupted, and the traffic on my website significantly increased. That’s understandable – people got bored sitting at home, and I had some fresh news to entertain them.

#WFH trend led to increased bets from my referrals as well – bored, remember? In the first quarantine months, my profit increased to $4000/month.

And then I hit the jackpot. 

One of the players registered under my referral link lost around $175 000 in one week. That meant I earned $70 000 of commission!

I doubled my efforts on the website content, hired a journalist, and reached 500 visits per month. However, truth be told, I didn’t manage to catch a whale like that ever since. 

Still, my endeavors weren’t in vain: during the quarantine year, I earned $120 539 in total, including the “whale” commission of $70 000.

Why have I shared this story? Well, the more people know about this betting website, the more conversion I’ll get from my marketing materials!

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